06.09 2018

Senegal and football, a love story

A love story
Image Senegal and football, a love story

In 1962, the Senegalese Football Federation affiliated to FIFA and joined the African Football Confederation in 1963. Until 1986, it had won only one Games of Friendship. In 30 years, it accounted for only 3 participations in the CAN, including a 4th place since 1965 and two eliminations in the first round both on 1968 and on 1986.

The awakening of Senegalese Football

The 90s mark a new era for Teranga Lions. In 1990, the team found itself in 4th place after missing the CAN 1988. In the two following editions, that of 1992 and 1994, they left the group stage, but did not manage to cross the course of the quarter-final. This last elimination in 1994 marked the end of a generation's cycle that has raised Senegalese football to the level of its African neighbors. Indeed, despite the lack of title, in club as in national team, Senegal can prevail against Côte d'Ivoire or Cameroon. Under the leadership of Peter Schnittger, the Senegal team got their ticket to the finals of the CAN 2000 by leaving 1st of a retrieval group. However, the Téranga Lions fell on Nigeria and lost the quarter final after the extra time.

Bruno Metsu and the generation 2002

This last qualification was really encouraging for the Senegalese team. Indeed, the leaders decided to maintain their effort and entrusted the team to Bruno Metsu. The latter decided to rejuvenate the team. At the same time, several players were beginning to distinguish themselves thanks to French training centers. This is the case of El-Hadji Diouf who joins the center of FC Sochaux. Finally, the coach builds up a team that performs an excellent qualifying campaign for the CAN and the World Cup 2002. Senegal is then selected in the finals of the CAN. Unfortunately, the team narrowly misses Cameroon and loses the final on goal shot after a 0-0 over 120 minutes. Fortunately, this great performance is confirmed at the World Cup. The shock against France as opening is more than a match for players who could play for the Blues. For his first participation therefore, Senegal wins its first match in World Cup against a defending champion thanks to a goal from Bouba Diop.

A new qualification for the World Cup 2018

Finally this beautiful course ends in quarter lost 1 to 0 against Turkey. It's a performance that is delighting African fans. For Tarek Bouchamaoui , Tunisia failed in the first round for its 3rd World Cup qualification. Nevertheless, 2017 marked a new turning point and a new generation which is beginning to emerge. It stands out by pulling itself into the CAN quarter-finals in 2017. This performance is confirmed by a second qualification at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Like Tarek Bouchamaoui, African football fans are expecting some great courses from teams from the continent such as Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria.